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Stonewall Jackson's Sword Plate Buckle No. Series shadow box with signed photo

Stonewall Jackson's Sword Plate Buckle No. Series shadow box with signed photo
Stonewall Jackson's Sword Plate Buckle No. Series shadow box with signed photo

Stonewall Jackson's Sword Plate Buckle No. Series shadow box with signed photo

Appear on your final print. Words are not enough to describe the quality of the item!

We believe the image of the flag itself has become a contemporary symbol of divisiveness and racism. We thank you for your understanding and ask you to please not list these kinds of items. VERY SAD IGNORANCE IS A TERRIBLE THING. This listing is a related item and will be next. The flag was carried by the 18th Regiment, North Carolina. Roops, which was responsible for the accidental shooting of General Stonewall Jackson at Chancellorsville, Va.

If Lee was the Jove of the War, Stonewall Jackson was his thunderbolt. For the execution of the hazardous plans of Lee, just such a lieutenant was indispensable. General Stonewall Jacksons Belt Plate. This lot is for one shadow box containing the following. This antiqued silver (not actually made of silver) picture frame has classic, old world elegance with its beautiful raised, relief detailing and charcoal patina wash.

The image and buckle are covered in HeavyDuty Clear Acrylic & Foam core backing. Its slender yet deep profile supports this premium wood frame. Which makes a great shadow box for the ultimate presentation.

The red suede is not only the background but also the sides all around of the shadow box. The shadow box is approximately 1 1/8 inches. The photo and buckle are mounted on a Red Suede Mat. The shadow box contains one signed photo reproduction and one replica of. Accompanied by a two photos, one of each statue and a certificate of authenticity. The shadow box come ready to hang. The materials used to make the shadowbox are light (UV Plexiglass), requiring no special hooks and making it easy to hang.

Each CSA Signature Series image comes with a short excerpt out Southern Civil War history describing the heroic figure. Tastefully printed on gray cover stock with an appropriate Confederate flag at the head.

This is a reproduction of an engraving of. Commissioned by the Virginia Military Institute and produced in a VERY limited quantity for purpose of raising funds to erect a monument to General Jackson.

It was produced with his signature on it. This image was copied from a photograph taken November 1862. This image was his wifes favorite, for Mrs. Jackson always felt this was the best likeness of her husband.

Approximately: 8 x 10 inches. The image is printed on. Heavy weight 100% cotton archival stock and mounted to 4-ply museum 100% cotton board. It is mounted approximately 1/4inch off the suede background to give the appearance of a floating image, the image is printed with archival inks. This is a Museum quality Fine Art Print.

This image was used to make the likeness of General Jackson's two statues shown here. There are several claims to General Jacksons sword buckle and what it is by private collectors, museums, etc. Lets hold these following simple truths to be self-evident. Jackson (Mary Anna Morrison Jackson) Stonewall Jacksons widow was very instrumental in raising funds and in the design of her husbands memorial and gravesite in Lexington Va. She picked the photo likeness that was to be followed by sculptor Edward V.

Valentine and directed every detail. For many years after the death of my husband the shadow over my life was so deep, and all that concerned him was so sacred, that I could not consent to lift the veil to the public gaze.

She devoted the remainder of her life to his memory. The buckle is from the State of Virginia and says in Latin "SLC SEMPER TYRANNIS" or. Translated "Thus Always to Tyrants" or "Thus I always Bring Death to Tyrants". The Memorial statue located in.

Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery, Lexington, VA. General Jackson is wearing a Sword Plate. Circa 1851 (when he was then a brevet Major in the Army), which matches the date of his sword on display at The Museum of Confederacy in Richmond. This buckle is shown in great detail on the statue and there is NO question as to what it is. Let all the so-called experts/dealers; claim what they might, undeniably he wearing what he is wearing. Placed there by the direction of his widow. The statue was dedicated July 21, 1891. Twenty-eight years after he crossed over his last words. Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees. More then enough time to make sure every detail on the statue was correct right down to holding a pair of binoculars in an ungloved hand to the buckle he is wearing.

Jackson passed on March 24, 1915. Her body was accompanied by two Confederate veterans, and was carried to Lexington to rest beside that of her husband, 52 years later. The other statue of General Stonewall Jackson by John H. Foley with this belt buckle is located in Capitol Square Richmond, Virginia.

The Belt Plate is shown in great detail. There is NO doubt what it is. Note, General Jackson is standing next to a "Stonewall".

Every detail is attended to. "The Stonewall Jackson statue, presented to Virginia by Englishmen, was unveiled at Richmond yesterday, 12 October 1875", The Times reported.

There were imposing ceremonies, and the demonstration was the greatest ever seen there. A long procession marched to Capitol Square, where addresses were delivered by Governor Kemper Major General James L. Moses Hoge (a volunteer chaplain to confederate soldiers).

Jackson's widow and only child decorated the statue after the unveiling amid the greatest enthusiasm. Richmond was finely decorated, the British colours being prominent.

It is important to note that this project was undertaken just weeks after General Jackson's death. And although its progress was delayed. By the ill health of the sculptor and by his conscien. Tious desire for the accuracy of the portrait, and.

Latterly, by his death, it has been brought to a. Cessful conclusion in the form of a standing statue. Of heroic size, cast in bronze. It is a very noble. Work of art and, it is hoped and believed, a faithful likeness in every sense to the last detail.

PRESENTED BY ENGLISH GENTLEMEN AS A TRIBUTE OF ADMIRATION FOR THE SOLDIER AND PATRIOT THOMAS J. JACKSON AND GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED BY VIRGINIA IN THE NAME OF THE SOUTHERN PEOPLE DONE A. 1875 IN THE HUNDREDTH YEAR OF THE COMMONWEALTH. Compare the two statues, it is apparent the likeness similarity of each was directed by Mrs. There are two (2) statues of General Jackson, both wearing this buckle.

It is what it is. Other soldiers have worn this belt plate and so did General Stonewall Jackson. That is what makes it so authentic. Other soldiers have worn it.

There is a case claiming to own the real' Jackson buckle. A Mexican buckle yes a Mexican buckle would you believe? If that is the case, explain this. Santa Ana had 8,000 troops in the north of Mexico and well over 25,000 troops in central Mexico.

Yet there is not one other Mexican Buckle the has surfaced that matches this buckle, nothing, not even an illustration of a Mexican soldier wearing one, not one. Mexican casualties at approximately 25,000 soldiers over 17 months. Not one other Mexican buckle to match this has surfaced from the Mexican War. There is not even one in a Mexican Museum. Is this the only one they made?

Maybe it was Santa Ana's buckle. Did General Jackson have any other belt plates?

Maybe, but this one pictured here, we known he did have. He is wearing this buckle on, not one but two different statues, by two different sculptors. Both statues made under the direction of Mrs.

The General was not known to be a flamboyant dresser. He wore an infantry officers forage cap. Made of wool with a leather brim and brass buttons. Stuart was so tired of noting General Jacksons frayed uniform, he bought him a new uniform in December of 1862.

General Jackson was not the type of officer that would have had a wagon with several uniforms and belt plates following him around. Was disdainful of flash uniforms and trappings. When General Jackson passed and had his full state funeral, most assuredly he was in full dress uniform wearing this belt plate that is so proudly displayed on these two statues, and on this page. The buckle is an authentic replica. Of the Sword Plate that General Jackson is wearing in both statues.

Made of solid yellow brass, with a very nice antique finish (no two buckles are antiqued the same). 002 1863 on the reverse side.

There will be 500 made. Approximate size of the buckle is 49 mm. But from an exact buckle from that period that matches it. This is a rare buckle. It is what is "The Stonewall Jackson Buckle".

The proof is in the pudding, in this case TWO Historical statues, both wearing this buckle. Note only is General Jackson wearing it but there is a photograph of a real Confederate soldier wearing it. The manufacturing process is identical to that used in casting the original plates and the copies thus produced are virtually indistinguishable from the originals.

This buckle is an authentic replica of the two-piece Sword Plate General Jacksons two statues are wearing. A common joke in Virginia, referencing the image on the state seal and dating at least as far back as The War, is that Sic semper. Actually means Get your foot off my neck. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. With the Great Seal of the Confederacy printed on it.

This shadowbox also comes with two (2) full color glossy photos of General Jacksons statues (one of each) wearing the above buckle and a brief story out of the Southern History of the WAR printed on gray paper. Thomas Stonewall Jackson His Last Photograph, Signed & FRAMED (#270784088017).

Saw your display on e bay. Can you imagine that people do not acknowledge these HEROES? My son loved the Steve Jobs photo. I will be purchasing all three and checking out more in the future. West Palm Beach, Florida Art Show.

These photographs are not just old photos, the way they have been restored and the depth of each image makes them art, they belong in a museum. President, The Local Scene, Treasure Coast, Fl. The way each of these images have been restored shows a sensitivity to the individual in the photograph that almost brings them back to life, outstanding collection of work.

Best known for such movies as " Pet Sematary Two" (also played the Director in the opening scene) and "My Cousin Vinny". These prints are an investment in your peace of mind.

There is something about them that brings me a sense of solace when I view them. IMPORTANT NOTE: THE MAJORITY OF THESE IMAGES BEAR THE SIGNATURE OF THE GENERAL ON THE PRINT, EXCEPT AS NOTED. THESE PHOTOGRAPHS HAVE NOT BEEN AUTOGRAPHED BY R. LEE OR ANY OTHER GENERAL or M. Brady, THOUGH IT APPEARS TO LOOK THAT WAY. The Print is a Digital Reproduction on Acid Free - Professional Quality Photo Paper. We use the Giclee printing process with high definition inks that have light resistance & print longevity. The quality of the Giclee prints rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes. These print are used in private collections and museums today. I will leave feedback once the product has been received and the customer has left feedback on my page. Let me make myself perfectly clear.

I have described in great detail each item and exactly what it is. If you have any requests or questions please do not hesitate to ask before you order, I will be happy to answer them. It is what it is, a Museum Quality print.

Made and restored from a digital file using the original old glass negative and in rare instances a print, it is NOT. It is a restored archival digital reproduction.

With the General's signature carefully applied. The buckle is a replica made of solid brass. But from an exact buckle from that period that matches it (see Confederate soldier wearing it).

Again, if have any questions please ask. IF YOU HAVEN'T MADE PAYEMENT AT THE TIME OF. NO ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED OUTSIDE THE USA. THIS OPTION IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This images are significantly cleaned up, restored, and are an improved version of the original.

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Stonewall Jackson's Sword Plate Buckle No. Series shadow box with signed photo